Our company is a company that has developed soil stabilizers and is directly producing a curing agent for road pavement (ssc-99) awarded a patent, striving to apply a new method to general existing road constructions.


The present technology is a method where equipment for existing construction method can be used as is,
allowing easy selection of equipment combination fitting the field according to construction volume and road character,
and involves construction with addition of only the equipment mixing field earth and sand (tractor for civil engineering construction).

Introducing of Smart Mix

SMART MIX ssc-99 (to be referred to as SMX hereafter) is a kind of solidification supplement (also known as soil stabilizer) that assists Pozzolan reaction between cement and earth.

Application of SMART MIX

SMX is a construction method replacing crushed stone base during road construction by reacting with earth, cement and water for application to soft ground, etc.

Road pavement method

It is a method of construction with mixing Soil Cement and SMART MIX ssc-99, and asphalt pavement is implemented by the laying and compacting of soil stabilization base on the subgrade and foundation layers for ascon pavement.

Road Pavement

We are carrying out sales activities in 27 countries worldwide, have had product briefings, signed MOU’s,
and conducted 23 demonstration and main constructions in 7 countries including Indonesia, China, Mongol, etc.
According to the independent experimental results, we received very excellent valuations
in environ mentality, constructability, economy, durability, etc.

Construction procedure

World wide marketing status

Road Pavement Tests



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